London was a lot of fun!

By Tiia van Lokven|July 9, 2014Other|0 comments

So, I spent 4 days seeing some good friends and acting the excited tourist in London. 😀

I got to see the Big Ben, London Eye, Camden Town, and all in all walked more than my feet could take – I got the blister to show for it! A lot of fun was had, however, and I regret nothing.

While perusing an art store in Wimbledon I saw Drawing On The Right Side of the Brain, and of course had to snatch it up with a bunch of Micron fineliners and a circle template. In another book store in the heart of London called the Forbidden Planet (man I LOVE this bookstore!) I found one of the books I needed for school for cheaper than I could have gotten it in the Netherlands! So all in all I found MANY useful things, and some things I didn’t have the heart to buy.

I do regret not snatching up that owl organizer though. Or the luggage tag.

We also popped by the Natural History museum, and it turned out that they had struck up a greenhouse with butterflies, which I of course had to see.


There were gorgeous, massive butterflies everywhere!



There were so many colorful butterflies that I simply forgot to take pictures in order to enjoy the place.

We also popped by the Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Covent Garden. The food was amazing! I had the rib-eye, and I have to say it was the best rib-eye I have ever had in my life. Yum!

During the plane ride home I started reading through the Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain, and as it turns out, I need to draw another self-portrait. Not my favorite subject, but if it’ll allow me to understand the rest of the book better, I’ll definitely go at it!

So hopefully I’ll have some time tonight for the book and AoS project. 🙂

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