The internship hunt is ON!

By Tiia van Lokven|March 15, 2017Dungeons & Dragons, IGAD, Life|0 comments

With all that is going on for school, I’ve been ignoring my blog almost entirely. Sigh. Priorities and all that.

There are 1 and half more blocks left in this school year, and after the summer vacation I will hopefully spend 42 weeks doing an internship or two, far away from academia and finally getting down to actual field work in the games industry. The last few weeks I’ve been simply absorbing information, fixing up my website, neatening up my CV, drawing until I drop and getting ready for the war zone that is finding internships in the games industry. I have a good idea which direction I am heading in, but it’s still scary as all heck. I’m still working on the website, on and off, to get a feel for what works the best. Content is of course the most important thing, but I feel like presentation goes a long way. It might take me a while to finally settle down on something, but hopefully that something will be good for a while. For me, “perfect” often gets in the way of “good enough” when it comes to these things.

There’s so much to keep in mind, and the internships that I want are, while still in the same country, quite a commute away. It’s going to be quite a lot to process and arrange, no matter which way I go. Despite all this, I am hyped to finally (if all stars align…) be a part of an actual studio for a while!

Besides school stuff, I’ve also been spending quite a bit of time working on my Dungeons&Dragons characters, as well as writing little tidbits about the continent of Epios. Many of those hours I’ve simply wandered Pinterest and Google images, looking for reference for the landscapes, locking down the main ideas I have for the main areas of that continent.

I’m having quite a bit of fun thinking about history, cities, garb, religion, political tensions and most of all, interesting adventure hooks for my hypothetical players.  It’s also educational – I can’t remember the last time I spent so much time on Wikipedia digging up information about anything (spoiler: I was reading about nomads).

Does this look like an entrance to a dungeon to you? I believe so!

Cooking up a fantasy world from nothing feels amazing. 🙂

At any rate, I better get back to work. There are cover letters to tweak and applications to write!

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