Personal project kickoff – 4th year is a go

By Tiia van Lokven|September 5, 2017IGAD, Life|0 comments

The ones of you who accidentally stumbled to my blog during my long silent hiatus might have wondered where I went. You might have caught tidbits of activity on Tumblr or Twitter, but nothing more. 🙂

After months of grueling internship search and an impressive list of “no”s to my applications, I’ve turned towards working more on my skills and catching up on things I know I could do better. It’s a tough piece to swallow, for sure – but I welcome the freedom this project brings with it. No others to please and compromise with, just me and my world building, concept design and working on the things I absolutely love the most.

I’m going to be working on a few things at the same time – Epios (my personal project for university) as well as the Roll20 Wizard Tower tileset I started with sometime back. Along with that I’ll be of course drawing my D&D characters a lot (if you follow me on Twitter, you have gotten a glimpse of the pure madness our DM puts us through) and working my ass off to nail my dream internship the next time around.

Welcome to all new IGADians, and hope I’ll see you around! I won’t probably be at school altogether too much due to lack of space, but I’ll try and pop by sometimes. 🙂

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