Hi there!

I’m currently studying visual art at International Game Architecture and Design (or IGAD for short) at NHTV University of Applied Sciences. I’ve been an art lead during the development of several games, one of which won the Best Art award, and I’ve also acted as a class representative for the artists for 2 years.

In my free time I play games (especially RPGs like Dragon Age or Final Fantasy), read, sew, travel, paint, watch series ranging from the silliest anime to the latest Netflix craze, and listen to a lot of music  – anything from game soundtracks to power metal.

I also run my own little blog and answer the questions of any potential IGAD applicants in my Applying to IGAD tips & tricks series.


Corel Painter
Unreal Engine
Substance Painter

My work experience

Download my CV (PDF) in English here.

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