Grand scheme: success! Onwards to block B, week 1

Our long worked upon scheme was actually “greenlit” before we pitched.

We’re going to be doing concept art for a few Project Lab teams for the first few weeks of this block!



After my team mates did some legwork to secure concept art clients ( I will be the planning goddess when it comes to individual tasks), the teachers seemed sufficiently happy with how we structured our plan. We got the go-ahead, but still had to wait for the greenlighting of our customer projects, so we had to pass some time just watching the other pitches. A lot of the pitches ended up being straight out rejected and the groups were told to disband, but there is still interest in having concept art off their hands. Good for us. :3

Now to get prepared for the upcoming busy 2 weeks!

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Prepping for next block while enjoying some time “off” & Cintiq + Painter = <3

… and by “some time off” I mean “work my ass off while drawing so that I can better deal with this upcoming block if our grand scheme* works out”.

*This grand scheme involves me working with a small team to provide other teams some concept art to kick off block B with.  We’re really excited about this idea, and are hoping to successfully pitch it next week!



If you follow my Tumblr feed or sometimes check out my Sketchbook on, you might have seen hints of me doing piles upon piles of gesture studies in preparation. I’ve been spending more time hunched over my Cintiq in the last few weeks than I have since buying it, and I’m really enjoying trying out new things.  Painter was always on my “to figure out” bucket list, but due to the endlessly complicated tool settings and me having almost 0 experience with traditional drawing mediums aside from pencils, the occasional markers and watercolor, I never felt the need to put Photoshop down since I was way more comfortable with it.

Until.. I figured out in which way Painter was vastly superior to Photoshop.

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Panel review, propaedeutic diploma, IGAD name change… and Icewind Dale.

The last week of block A came to a screeching end and much scrambling was done to gather the last of the shinies for our end-of-block panel assessments. Luckily I had already prepared most of mine, and then I went the extra mile to make it pretty-ish.


In all honesty, I was (and still.. am?) very happy with what I learned last block. I had a great time being the art lead, even though the game ended up not working out quite as successfully as I hoped it had. As for the state of the game, I’d call it “not finished” right now. A lot of the things we wanted to implement just weren’t implemented due to us having troubles with Unreal Engine (using it for the first time and all), and.. well, lessons have been learned!

Beware: soapbox-stepping and a tiny bit of whining after the cut.

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It’s alive.. IT’S ALIIIIVE!

Why the Frankenstein reference, you ask?

Well, I was internetless (that is a word, I swear!) for a bit more than 24 hours.

Staring at virtual sunsets quickly became my favourite past time.

Luckily the imperative word here is “was” (*knocks on wood multiple times*), so I can scrap that pitiful squeaky blog post draft of about 300 words I pumped out while accidentally launching Chrome every 2 minutes and trying to log on to Facebook.

I think most of us can relate.

About this week, besides the lack of internet, though…

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Autumn vacation! Finland trip, illness and new Intuos tablet

My trip to Finland was great!


Photo from Unsplash

I flew off to Finland on Monday, crashed at a friend’s couch and spent a few days just enjoying familiar foods and sights as well as meeting up with the sisters for a bit. Much good food was consumed and of course… Finnish chocolates!


Not pictured: me holding the tasty chocolate candies up to the skies in worship of their tastiness.

In between mostly chilling and gossiping, we also managed to pop by a few of my favorite places in Helsinki – namely, the Fantasiapelit bookstore (which had moved to a bigger store, and I almost had to physically pull myself away from the shelves…) where I scored a beautiful Dragon Age book! I only noticed it was volume 2 after purchasing it, but I didn’t mind…


If you like Dragon Age, go and purchase these books! They’re gorgeous, and include so much lore and information and illustrations and even RECIPES.

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Week 7! We’re still alive, and I really need the autumn vacation.

Some things never change.

One of those is the level of hectic scrambling towards the end of a block.

… But stress usually equals productivity, so all’s good!

This week we decided to gracefully bump procedurally generated levels off our feature list, so I got to working on some lighting for F.A.S.T.


And I also made a cute little ash pile to signify a civilian you didn’t save in time….


I actually textured it fairly quickly in Substance Painter, and I had fun doing it! I missed working with that program :3

The most important things I can take away from this project are mostly very introspective, “I better fix how I do these things in the future” sort of sentiments (and of course basic Unreal skills).  For this block, one of the deliverables that we have to throw at the lectures is a reflection on our communication skills and I’m trying to put together a survey for that. It’s surprisingly hard to come up with relevant questions – especially questions that will not make people feel awkward about giving feedback.

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Week 6 for F.A.S.T., fixing typos, links and incoming open day!


Another week, another pile of implementable features and last-minute panic attacks.

After working in what seemed to be a smooth glide towards a good ol’ completion, we realized we all weren’t really working towards a common goal. Cue some decent hustle and bustle to get a good build going.

Meanwhile, I put some more UI stuff together! Like this tutorial popup.


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Week 5, life drawing and autumn rolling in

It’s definitely October, guys.

Leaves are falling from the trees like much-desperate droves of bees and the temperatures are steadily declining. Mornings are darker when going out to get my bicycle and heading to school. This is a season I despise, mostly because of all that darned rain pouring down from the sky and soaking me at the most inopportune moments. Standing next to my bicycle, side by side with a car while waiting for the traffic light to turn green so I can continue bicycling home is just plain nasty.


Photo from Unsplash

But I love winter and snow, so go figure.

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Halfway milestone for F.A.S.T. and week 4 shenanigans

One could say everything’s rolling along quite nicely for our in-development mobile game F.A.S.T! Asset production has been going great…


Models and textures by Irini Wiersma

…and our main character was rigged, skinned and textured. The animations are also being worked on!


Model by Jeroen Kerkhof, textures by Kim ter Schure

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My new favorite saying! Also, first Tiia-made inspirational art. :) Enjoy!

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