Halfway milestone for F.A.S.T. and week 4 shenanigans

One could say everything’s rolling along quite nicely for our in-development mobile game F.A.S.T! Asset production has been going great…


Models and textures by Irini Wiersma

…and our main character was rigged, skinned and textured. The animations are also being worked on!


Model by Jeroen Kerkhof, textures by Kim ter Schure

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My new favorite saying! Also, first Tiia-made inspirational art. :) Enjoy!

Week 3, StraightJacket and personal development plans

Last week we got a start on using Perforce, which is a version control, and the related client, P4V. Nothing is ever truly lost in version control, and working together has never been quite as easy to manage.  The interface is an unholy crossbreed between a good ol’ FTP client like FileZilla and SVN as we IGADians know it – which makes it easy enough for me to use. Good times.

This week we’re also starting to use another website meant for tracking personal development. It’s called StraightJacket (whoever came up with the name had a twisted sense of humor… I like that.), and this is what it looks like.


I love playing around with stuff like this. Having all this information at my fingertips makes me absolutely giddy. 

*evil grin*

I can’t wait for all my details to have been shuffled into it so I can start pondering on my future learning moves.

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F.A.S.T. development week 2 (with cheesecake KitKats!)

Week 2 has been quite productive for the team (especially since a lot of cookies, candy and other nice things are being passed around to raise morale), and we’re starting to roll nicely with the production.


Fireman 3D low polygon model without textures… as of yet.

A few more people joined our group due to other projects being cancelled, so we’re having trouble finding workspaces big enough for a group of 11 without getting split all over the place. The work spaces are sparse to begin with (I suppose no adequate planning was made to accommodate teams of varying sizes), and now we’re working elbow to elbow and even having to bring desks from outside to be able to work together. Zero personal space and privacy, which means that I won’t be able to concentrate unless I put on blinders and crank my noise cancelling headphones way high to block out any noise.


But we’re also having many laughs, so that’s all fine and dandy!

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First IGAD v2 week in a nutshell

School’s back in session! This week I only had 1 unofficial working day and 3 official working days, and one of them was cancelled due to a power outage.

(That one gave me a bit of a giggle, too.)

On Monday morning I joined up with a bunch of cool people! It’s fun being able to work with people who were in the other game lab day last year, and due to that I didn’t really get to know them that well. In this block I’m also representing as art lead because I greatly enjoyed that last year.

For the pitches I was working on a concept image of our idea for a card game for mobile devices.


The card game was basically about two gods playing playing cards on a round board that represents Earth and either converting or destroying each others’ population.

On Wednesday it was official kickoff time! Second-years had a presentation about v2, which contained massive pile of Powerpoint slides that flew by a bit too fast for me too take down notes. A few things became evident, though: if I were to round off this block successfully, my missing credits from last year would be filled up and I would get my propaedeutic diploma and officially continue on my way towards my Bachelor’s degree. Hurray!

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Blog and website maintenance and upgrades incoming :)

Firstly, I am working on a layout change for my main portfolio website, and taking away the content that doesn’t serve my ambitions as a concept artist and illustrator.


I also brought in my old desk from storage.

I still need to come up with some more content. Need to get drawin’!

My everchanging work station looks like this now. The desk is at least at a perfect height!

My everchanging work station looks like this now. The desk is at least at a perfect height!

If you see a bunch of things changing in the near future, don’t be overly alarmed. 😉 I’m slowly tweaking my online presence, mostly due to my recent name change (believe you me, changing all the accounts I have over to my new email address has been a bit of a pain in the backside!) and because I want to keep all of my content nice and easily findable.

One of those efforts has been adding my blog to Bloglovin’! If you’re a fan of the service and prefer to follow all your blogs via one central interface, I’m adding mine to the pile. :)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Thanks for reading my blog! Next week I will give an update on my first week of the second year of IGAD, and hopefully we will have a nice pitch going for a mobile game project. :)

Final week of summer vacation!

Time for some update-y randomness!

I have nothing to complain about – my summer vacation has been long (a week longer than many others’, in fact) and so much fun. Now I am more than ready to see what this year of IGAD will bring!

Me and the hubs got our hands on our official wedding photos, and they are oh so pretty! I’m really happy I found our photographer a long time ago, and even happier with the work she delivered.


Photography by Lotts.nl :)

Besides admiring the pretty pictures, I’ve been getting the house into a tolerable shape – organizing and decluttering – as well as lazying about and watching YouTube videos of Markiplier playing horror games. His commentary always has me doubling over howling in laughter!

But what do I still need to do this week?

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UFYH – wardrobe edition

While I’m on that organizing spree, I wanted to tackle another thing that had been on my to-do list for a while. I’d gone through my wardrobe awhile ago, but bought a bunch of new things since then, and my drawers were getting cluttered.

After a laundry day my dresser and wardrobe are positively bursting with wearable opportunities, but as days roll on, I’ve started to notice that the same pieces of clothing remain at the bottom of the drawer. I am by no means a fashionista of any kind, so I make bad purchases regularly, and those pieces end up not being worn ever on a regular basis. I figured it was time to do a good cleaning!

So I took out every single piece of clothing I had and dumped it on the bed.


Time to start sortin’!

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Sunday sketch compilation 1


I’m considering moving my figure study sketches and WIPs here, so I’ll be starting with a SSC (or Sunday Sketch Compilation).

I’ve been so much on a roll lately, mostly because I’m working on Week 1 of Art Camp. :3

This week’s sketches! Took a bull by the horns, worked on some abstractions, fun-yet-way-incorrect-sketches and a few figure studies.

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UFYH – office edition

Some of you may be familiar with the Tumblr account Unfuck Your Habitat, or UFYH for short. While I generally don’t fall in the category “things kind of pile up until I can’t see the floor anymore”, I think the systems and concepts the UFYH folks swear by are actually, really good for normal human beings. I know that at one end of the spectrum there are people who keep track of everything, have seasonally color-coded pillows (and despite having pets, all spaces seem oddly hair-free) and then there are, well, folks who either have a legitimate excuse like chronic illness or just can’t be assed to pick up after themselves until the mold growing in the sink begins sprouting legs. I’m somewhere in the middle, with the occasional laundry build-up or laziness picking up after myself (or the hubby *stares*) and floors not being spotless, but hey – all in due time.

When it comes to cleaning, I sometimes get “in the cleaning mood” and clean until I can’t move anymore. At these moments my better half knows better than to interrupt, because I am a tornado, organizing, doing laundry, vacuuming and doing generally whatever is necessary to get the place looking neat again.

But I have had my weak moments. Since I was done with school things in July, I started using my office as a storage space.

It looked like this to begin with.



It was hurting my soul to open the office door and look at the mess I created, but I had to clear this out as soon as I could to get warmed up for school that continues again in September.

To work!

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