When 2 geeks want to make a table

This week’s post I will deliberately keep IGAD-free (soapbox-y reasons galore – just trying not to think about the unprofessional attitude of some people). So I’ll be talking about some interior decoration stuff instead.

So… last week I got it in my head I wanted to make a table. A table. Whatever for, you ask?

Let me demonstrate!

This is what our living room looks right now.


Besides the picture above the TV, the walls are embarrassingly bare. I’ve been wracking my brain how to create some interest around the room, and so when I across this pin on Pinterest, the part of my brain that loves interior design lit up like a shopping mall decorated for Christmas.


Original by Jenna Sue Design co.

So that became our next project.

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Block B, week 8: presentation-making and money-saving February INC!

Game has been delivered (insert collective sigh of relief here) and we’re all busy with preparing for our personal panel reviews.


Luckily for me, I had most of my material in a pile, ready to be spit-polished and proudly presented.

I was struggling with figuring out just what kind of a presentation to make, so I figured: why reinvent the damn wheel when someone already invented it?

Cue Adobe Slate. (And no, Adobe is not paying me to promote this. I wish they did.)


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Block B, week 7 and stressing about project hand-in

Another block is coming to an end. In a way it’s somewhat bittersweet, especially when in hindsight it’s oh-so-easy to say what should have been done better. Then again, everything is easier hindsight. Better learn from your mistakes, huh?


Philosophical pondering aside, yesterday we play-tested Tale of Two. We actually went to a primary school near Tilburg and had a few eager 7-year olds volunteer to play the game with one of us. Our design lead played the big monster, and the kid would, of course, play the “kid”.


Playing a designer for an afternoon was fun!

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Block B, week 6 and briefly on Subnautica

I keep on making these updates later every week. Whoops! Fear not, I’ve not forgotten about the blog, I’m just REALLY getting sucked into drawing lately. Feel free to check out my Tumblr or sketchbook on Conceptart.org to see all the crazy things I’m posting. :)


Pretty accurate representation of me staring at my drawings lately.

I actually experimented with aquarelle pencils and inks this week (for the first time in FOREVER) and it’s wonderful just making lines and jabbing down colours without the pressure of needing to make it look like something.


Take my advice, folks.. sometimes just let your inner critic shut the heck up and draw things without expecting anything of it. You might just enjoy the process a whole lot more! :)

The last few weeks of this block are rolling towards us, and so I’ve been intensely working on a piece of graphic that can be used as a cover for our game’s DVD as well as the fairytale book in-game.

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Block B week 5; logo and menu work!

Besides the fact I almost forgot this week’s post (whoops!) I’ll try to make it up to you guys by giving a juicy update. I blame the hectic first week of the new year on this forgetfulness of mine. :)

I might have accidentally named our game while trying to figure out a logo font. I needed something else than “Test name here” and started playing around with fonts.


People seemed to like it, so I ran a quick poll and most people were quite happy with it. Hurray for democracy!


I still need to figure out a final composition, but I think we’re getting there.

I’ve also been working a bunch on getting a nice main menu for the game!

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2015 in short

What a year.


Just when I thought last year that things couldn’t go better, 2015 totally blew 2014 out of the water.

I diligently chipped away at my art, school in general, and even got married and went on a trip of a lifetime to see the one country I always wanted to see. Ready for a summary?

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I’ve been enjoying giving our Christmas tree many longing stares all the times I pass it by downstairs. If I had the space in my office, I would have one RIGHT HERE. *wishful face*

The seasonal cheer has also boosted me through a bunch of 2D work for the game my team is working on right now. I’m the UI & general 2D slave, and have been working on some material for a possible splash screen (like the fairytale book the game is about)… and a tiny bit of supportive character stuff.



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My favorite time of the year!

We’re knee deep in December and I’m FINALLY “officially allowed” to go into a full-blown Christmas mode. Unfortunately the Finnish Christmas-balooza includes a lot of items the Dutchies don’t have.



Gingerbreak cookies! Candy! Pastries! Glögi!

.. and of course, a real Christmas tree.


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Much ado about… languages!

While winding down from a day of concept art, I was browsing Facebook and going through my groups – and found this Finnish lady’s post (in Finnish, mind you) about her multilingual language hiccups and how she is managing to live with them. Being a bit of a language nerd myself, the word “challenge” in that post had me already bubbling up with ideas how to tell about my multilingual adventures… so here we are.

As some of you might have figured out, I’m Finnish. Hi! *waves* So, Finnish is my native language. Though I don’t speak enough of it these days… but that’s another matter altogether.


Finland – the country of thousands of lakes, mind-boggling expanses of forest and the weirdest language ever.

Growing up in Finland, most kids get taught at least 2 foreign languages; English (from third grade) and Swedish (from seventh grade). It was so in my case too – and I became fascinated with English and just how different the grammar was and how the pronunciation was all funny. I had a great time in classes and was doing pretty good, but it wasn’t until I was in 6th grade or so when I discovered video games that my love of English burst into sparkly-shiny-glowy-wowy-sparks of obsession.

Due to a lacking vocabulary (there are SO many archaic words in RPGs that are not part of a school curriculum!) I actually played a few games with my PlayStation 1 controller in one hand, and a dictionary in the other.

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Grand scheme: success! Onwards to block B, week 1

Our long worked upon scheme was actually “greenlit” before we pitched.

We’re going to be doing concept art for a few Project Lab teams for the first few weeks of this block!



After my team mates did some legwork to secure concept art clients ( I will be the planning goddess when it comes to individual tasks), the teachers seemed sufficiently happy with how we structured our plan. We got the go-ahead, but still had to wait for the greenlighting of our customer projects, so we had to pass some time just watching the other pitches. A lot of the pitches ended up being straight out rejected and the groups were told to disband, but there is still interest in having concept art off their hands. Good for us. :3

Now to get prepared for the upcoming busy 2 weeks!

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